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Are you struggling to reach your fitness goals? Perhaps you lack motivation or simply don't know where to start. If you're serious about transforming your mind and body, then Tyler Clark Coaching, will help succeed.

Lets get you in the best shape of your life!

I am an online coach that will take you on a life changing journey. I'm committed to get you get results, increase motivation then support you as you make positive steps towards your goals. As your coach its my duty to support and motivate, to unlock the best version of you. I will guide you both mentally and emotionally develop your psychology. 

I help you transform your challenges into strength and well-being using my bespoke Strong Body Strong Mentality Matrix. This approach combines my experience of strength and conditioning coaching with a sustainable nutrition framework to offer life changing results. I help you to construct a routine for success and understand how to train effectively and safely for ultimate results. We master the importance of accountability through psychological motivators to revolutionize your mind and body.


No stone will be left unturned, it is my mission to unlock your potential.


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Tyler clark Coaching

Reaching your fitness goal alone isn't easy or simple. You need to restructure your lifestyle, nutrition and physical activity. Even if you do make those changes you may not be even making the right changes. My online coaching and personal 1-2-1 personal training removes all of the guess work and gives you exactly what you need to transform your body and mind.

I'll create tailored nutrition and exercise plans to map out exactly what you have to do. I'll provide you with close support as your personal fitness mentor to keep you on track and monitor progress through check-ins. I use scientifically proven approaches and combine this with your needs and circumstances to create a tailored program that is built around you.

Most importantly I'll change your mindset. We will work on this together. To have a strong body we need a strong mind, as these work in sync. I will help you transform your life, with a never quit attitude. The strong body, strong mind matrix is the foundation for realizing what your truly capable of.





1-2-1 Personal Training

If you want guaranteed and sustainable results and you're based in Cumbria, then there's no better way than with me 1-2-1 in the gym. I'll draw upon my experience and scientific knowledge to give you all the tools you need to transform your body and smash your targets.

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Discover the online coaching services I can offer, worldwide coverage. If are pushed for time or looking for something more affordable, online coaching provides the most value. You'll discover how to exercise effectively, what foods to eat and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I'll also provide you with 24/7 support, motivation and accountability to ensure you reach your goals.

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WHAT MAKES Tyler Clark coaching UNIQUE?

My online coaching packages are non-generic, I individually tailor both your nutrition and training plan specifically to you.

I am a coach that is 100% honest and upfront with you, something that is often missing from many in the industry. If I don't think I can help you I will sign post you in the right direction. I care massively about your development and I am here to fight your corner, motivate you and push you when things get difficult.

I want you to get results but always in a safe and healthy way, but most importantly sustain the positive habits you have developed. I focus on fitness and nutrition but I will also look at your current lifestyle in a broader sense, as this can impact on your body and your mind. This may include stress management, your sleeping patterns and developing healthy relationships with food.

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About Me

My name is Tyler and I'm a semi-professional athlete who regularly competes in bodybuilding figure competition's. I have a real passion for health and fitness and real satisfaction in helping people transform their bodies and improve their confidence, physical and mental wellbeing.

Seven years ago, I was classified obese so if you are having difficulties motivating yourself, I can help you, because I've been there. I combine this with my scientific knowledge of the body and nutrition to help you make the small, incremental but permanent steps to becoming the person you want to be.

Please get in touch to book a free consultation with me at Tyler Clark Coaching if you are looking for a personal trainer, online body transformation and coach UK.

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Shows what you can do even in Lockdown...

Never did I ever think I could eat how I have and loose weight. Just shows what having a good coach can do. What can I say, two big words THANK YOU sums it up. I cant describe how much you have helped and continue to help. Susan Hughes   |   March 2021  |   Cumbria

I had no idea how much science is behind training and eating...

Tyler’s knowledge of how the human body works, is insane. I had no idea how much science is behind training and eating. No wonder I wasn’t improving before reaching out to Tyler. Ben   |   Carlisle  |   Cumbria

I lost around 6.5kg in weight but my overall figure changed for the better...

After 12 weeks of training with Tyler’s expert knowledge and encouragement I lost around 6.5kg in weight but my overall figure changed for the better. Claire, 34   |   Carlisle  |   Cumbria

I am building a body I could’ve only ever dreamed of...

In April this year I reached a point in my life where I had gained so much weight, and my mid section was flabby. This was also a month into the COVID lockdown so no gyms were open and I just kept eating rubbish food from the fridge. I felt very uncomfortable in myself, I felt sluggish and lazy. I had no idea how to improve my situation. I decided to look into online coaching and came across Tyler at Physique Locker. I can’t thank Tyler enough for not only helping me build a good relationship with food, but we actually improved without a gym! I was literally watching my body changing every week in the mirror. Not only was my body changing, but my confidence is through the roof too. We now have the gyms back and we are making HUGE progress, and its true I am building a body I could’ve only ever dreamed of. Lee, 29   |     |   Cumbria


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