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Learn how to develop an unstoppable mindset. Build the foundations of strength, endurance, and stamina. Look good and feel even better! Strong mind. Strong body. YOU WILL EVOLVE and become part of the pack! #ALPHALIFE


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They are their own limitation. Work harder than the majority, suffer through failure but keep on going. Don't even think about giving up already!  more  


Self-love, positive self talk and beginning to not give care what other people's opinions are, love yourself or your own individuality. You must start by believing in yourself.  more  


Many challenges I've faced and felt like giving up. But didn't...I've learned the struggles and fear actually fuel me. To to improve, a fighting spirit and strength  more  


Day 1. Make today the day you commit to making better food choices, you go to the gym even when you don't feel like it and you continue on your journey even when things get tough.  more  


To break limits we must be prepared for and embrace failure. Knowing your limits is so important in order to bridge the gap between staying the same and improving.  more  

#Time To Train

"WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO WORKOUT?" In order to train at your best, this should be determined by your own life and commitments. Goal dependent.  more  

#Never Give Up

Our purpose - to not break down, but stand tall with grace, confidence and strength. Quitting seems like the easy road. But it's not, regret always hurts more. We are forced to ov...  more  

# Walk The Walk

Develop higher levels of understanding mindset along with discipline. Learn what obstacles are faced in body transformation - then ultimately how to overcome them.   more  

#Strong Body Fat Loss

Ladies ..don't be afraid of lifting weights! If your someone who does only cardio - you will NOT develop that fit-looking, shapely, bikini body with curves in all the right places  more  

#Anything Is Possible

Everytime you doubt your capability, I want you to think of Roger Bannister. The man who took "impossible" to possible. He was the first human being to break the four minute mile. ...  more  

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