Magic Number 3.59...

Everytime you doubt your capability, I want you to think of Roger Bannister. The man who took "impossible" to possible. He was the first human being to break the four minute mile.

His time: 3.59 : a symbol that anything is possible.

You'll hear allot of people say that your body has certain limitations or that your genetics will limit you to look a certain way, or that building muscle and shedding fat at the same time is impossible.

Do you really want to believe in a reality where your capabilities and potential is limited? If that were the case, I would never be where I am now.

You have to break down perceived limitations by firstly believing in yourself.

5 years ago I couldn't even do one pushup ?? not even one rep of my own bodyweight... and that really pissed me off ??

That experience was a harsh wakeup call so I began my own personal battle to rewrite what my body was capable of ??

It's time for you to break your four-minute mile.

Set the mind and the body will follow. Whatever is holding you back, let's figure it out, so you can be confident in the body and life you want.

It is achievable. It is possible.


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