Nobody ever achieved anything great by following the crowd or playing it safe.

You remain as....

Well.. One of the crowd ??

To some people they probably won't understand why you 'do certain things' they might call you 'wierd' and not understand your actions.

And that's OK - Don't expect everyone to understand.

Your mentality to get shit done, will separate you from failing to going further than you ever thought was possible.

The cold mornings.

The late nights.

The days you cant be asssed - BUT YOU DO IT ANYWAY!

Don't let excuses get in your way ??

Surround yourself with motivated people who have the same drive – Ditch the negative drains that bring down your efforts and sabotage the healthy habits you've created.

Don't be afraid of being different.

I thrive of this ??

I find no negative aspect of being different. I follow my inner instict...the path to my paradise.

The moment your learn to put your personal goals higher in the list of priorities, you will begin to achieve them.

Crazy right!