Strength is beauty

Strength is beautiful... no doubt. And I encourage everyone to find beauty in strength. 


True Strength comes from within, these inner qualities will persist and last a lifetime. 


I have never been a skinny girl, and I thought the only way to love myself and fit in was by the number in the scales ?? 


Everytime I weighed myself,  and the number went up, I felt like a failure. I was a slave to the scales... it told me I would never reach my goals. 


Untill I began to put trust in my instinct.  I began to embrace my body, my strength. And my life and mindset began to transform. 


I challenge you to fall in love with your body, take care of it, and transform in ways you never thought was possible. Because....the possibilities are endless....


Set positive goals, like learn to do a pullup, run a 5k, enter your first competition. Infant become your own biggest competition. 


When I began my journey,  never did I think my strength would lead me to put both my mental and physical strength to the ultimate test. To become a finalist on SAS Who Dares Wins and last female standing ?? 


Put trust into your body, your capabilities and your potential. Embrace challenges! 


Remember,  that number doesn't measure your strength. Go find beauty in strength ??





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