Build A Body That Represents You!



You aren't built to be a certain way. You create it.

What people see today isn't a true representation of what I had to go through in order to fight back and rise above the barriers of life.

For years I struggled to understand my body, get into shape and live a healthy lifestyle.

Which began me on my mission to resolve my struggles, study and search out the best ways to build a body that represented who I really am, and what I can achieve.

I've never had genetic luck or achieved this through random chance. I fought tirelessly and searched for techniques and understanding to become better.

One thing I can say I done right, was I never gave up ??

These two photos are 6 months apart. But my mindset, training, cardio and nutrition were at two very different places. The way I look, isn't always my number one priority.

Let me explain..

? Photo 1- No shits given about body image but feeling strong AF. My strength, agility and energy was at it highest. At 12.5 stone I had higher bodyfat levels and I was ok with that because how I 'looked' was at the bottom of my priorities.

? Photo 2- No shits given about energy levels because stage image and body condition was what was important. I had lower bodyfat levels at 9.6 stone which resulted in lower strength, energy and feeling overall quite depleted.

Don't compare yourself to others, focus on what YOU want to achieve.

How do you need to train?
How do you need to eat?
How do you need to feel?

Then don't stop until you reach it ??

Lets go into this new week and attack with full focus and determination to achieve. I'm not done yet, are you?



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