?????????????????? ?


 "The carrying out of a plan, order, or course of action"

Yes there will always be tomorrow..... but what about today...what about now? ?

Sometimes our minds will try to find excuses of why we shouldn't do something as planned.  Especially if its difficult or taxing on the body.

You gotta take ownership and give yourself a little kick up the ass and get it done. Find solutions not excuses. ??

Today, I woke up sore from yesterday's AM upper weight training session and yesterday's PM run. Bare in mind this was not easy training,  it was the training that leaves you in a hot sweaty mess on the floor dragging in air.

So believe me when i say my body was ?

But that doesn't mean I get to skip today's planned Muay Thai and CV fitness because I'm tired and sore.

Nope, I leave the excuses at the door and get the shit done.

Everyone has this inside of themselves.

You just need to listen to the voice of "I CAN" rather than "maybe I'll feel more up for it tomorrow"

Stop talking and put the work in.