Using Food For Fuel



April 2021 ? Sep 2021
(Pre-comp) - (offseason)
57kg ? 69kg












??5 Month Progress??

Lets rethink food!

So here we go.. I've just been working away doing what I love ?? Operation muscle growth for figure category is in full flow.

Focus is on quads, v-taper and shoulders.

An essential part of building a physique is spending some time in offseason : calorie surplus. ?? which essentially means consuming more calories than your body needs.

This doesn't mean it's easy, for me personally I actually work harder in offseason. I want to maximize my time spent in this phase.

I've also really been enjoying watching those scales going up! Because...

??I lift HEAVY AF
??I train with higher intensity
?? I eat. ALLOT.
?? I rest and recover
??Consistently monitoring form and technique
?? Energy is through the roof

Even if the split is a little crazy. But hey, it f***n works!

Soooo...Currently hitting over 4000kcals. Highest my body has ever been able to handle.

With added weekly off plan meals. YUM.

I hear so many people finding the thought of gaining weight difficult to process. Because the majority want to lose weight right. But if your wanting to tone up and shape, develop or even build certain areas. Then I always suggest spending some time in an improvement phase. 

Sometimes, adding a little bit of body fat really isn't a bad thing.

If its done correctly.

In fact, it is essential. 

To grow and build muscle faster. To get stronger. To fire up metabolism from long periods of dieting. Its also great for creating balance between 'dieting' and being a little more flexible, along with hormonal regulation. 

Which is why I lurveee this part of bodybuilding ??

That doesn't mean, free for all and eat whatever and when ever you want.

This results in ALLOT of unwanted bodyfat.

Which is going to make life a hell of allot harder once the time comes to dial things back again.

Instead, fuel your body with the right food ?? train hard but effectively, and make sure your recovery is on point.


This means, filling your body with the right food. Nutrient dense is the best approach. Think of it as a optimizing your health from maybe a dieting phase. You want to cover all vitamins and minerals as a baseline, then work up from that. 

But for now....

There's still work to be done here ??


Lets grow that lean muscle.