Overcome Inner Resistance


Do you often find it difficult to put the actions in place that are required to achieve something?

Even though, deep down, you know what you need to do.

Here are some reasons why we self-sabotage our dreams...

?? Fear of change and what it brings

?? Waiting for the right opportunity

?? Self-doubt

?? Procrastination

?? You don't think your capable

?? Lack of priorities

It could be a mix of all of those.

But, if you're not taking action on a goal — especially if you're not taking action despite having enough information, resources and support — the secret reason for your lack of action is probably this: 

You don't really want it.

So, GET CLEAR! Select goals that feel right, and that you do truly want.

Put your effort, time and attention on them.

Suddenly, with those not-really-wanted goals out of the way, you may find yourself taking action more easily.

Maybe even happily.

Knowing each day these actions will take you to your dream.

I love to see people do well and achieving their goals. Seeing people succeed and do well actually motivates me to keep pushing my ass farward. ??

I challenge you to set yourself a commitment.

Take action. ?? Create the opportunity!

How's that for Monday motivation



Tyler ??