Hold on a little longer...

Dig a little deeper...

Remember why your here.... and not to quit. 

This is your journey,  your story.

Our purpose - to not break down, but stand tall with grace, confidence and strength. 
The roads can sometimes be painfull and uncomfortable. We may even find ourselves looking fir the nearest place of safety or freedom- even just for a moment. Quitting seems like the easy road. But it's not, regret always hurts more. 

It's in the moments we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations,  the moments we feel like giving up, or think about trying something else - that we are forced to overcome our greatest weakness. 
Take a deep breath and inhale the uncertainty,  embrace living in temporary struggles - because relief will come and there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. 
The moment we feel tempted to quit is when we need our strength the most. In these moments always remember the bigger purpose for the journey your on. Don't let temporary comfort stop you from getting our there taking action and pushing yourself. 


?? - Tyler - for the ones who need to hear this the most today ?? now get up, stop scrolling and GO!