Every Type Of Creation Needs Time


Funny enough, I was working through todays back training, when this thought came to me, so I though I would share. 


Patience is something many people struggle with. I myself, have struggled with it the past. I always looked for a quick answer or a quick result. 


This meant the result was not what I expected, it was not planned correctly. It also became clear I had set my expectations too high within my time frame.


  • To make a change to your body, it requires patience. But also discipline, effort and consistency. 


Bodybuilding has learned me the skill of all of these. I am forcing my body to adapt, change and get stronger. This takes time ?


During my training today, I looked in the mirror.  Shit...hello quads. 


I'm now well into my improvement phase, and I am beggining to see some progress ?? this is the fun part! Whoo. 


My goal during this phase is to increase muscle in quads and shoulders. While also increasing food, so that its in a good place for my next comp prep. Yes, this results in adding some bodyfat, but you know what, I quite enjoy it as my strength goes through the roof ????


The work continues.


Allow yourself time, but most importantly enjoy the journey. 


Become an Alpha of your craft ??