So here you are, working your ass off every week in the gym, following a nutrition plan... but the results arn't coming through?! ??

I see this happen so much, but what's worse is that many people give up because the results arn't showing from there efforts.

I want to give you some tips that might help break through training plateaus.


The principal of progression in training is that you use an optimal level of overload. To increase stress on your muscles and cardiovascular system- within an optimal time frame. This stops plateaus within fitness, fat loss and muscle building.

So you got 10 reps - awesome, let's get 11 next week!


Sleep is essential for health aswell as athletic performance. Remember, you grow and recover in the time spent outside of the gym.
If your rest days aren't optimised, your efforts arn't being maximised. Your body needs rest and recovery to repair and build your muscles and immune system.

Sleep is person and activity dependent, and could vary anywhere from 6-9 hours.

3??. Fuelling Your Body

So you've hit a bodyfat percentage your happy with, but seem to lack muscle mass and shape. You must begin to increase your food intake, enter body recomposition. This surplus allows the energy your body needs to repair and build the shape you want to achieve. That's before we look into the positive health benefits it brings too.

Try putting these factors into your routine, begin to break through barriers that were previously holding you back.

You have two choices:
??Make progress
??Make Excuses

What will you choose?