What is your purpose? Why do you go to the gym and workout?

Most likely it's because you want to build muscle, lose bodyfat, get stronger, look better...

But ultimately, I think the real reason is because you want to become the best version of YOU!

I hear allot, that I spend too much time in the gym ??

At first it really made me self doubt my decision to train. But over time, as I began to see, and feel improvements,  I let it blow over me.


Realistically, I spent around two hours training around 5 times a week. Some weeks more, but never less.

So to put that into perspective, thats only 10 hours a week.

So I never feel the need to explain my why?!! Because what I came to realize,  not everyone will understand. That's OK.

The time spent in the gym is precious to me.

Its MY time. And I f***n LOVE it!

Bodybuilding is one of my favourite ways to work on myself.

When I first began my journey I was overweight, I suffered anxiety and had no direction in life. I used bodybuilding (remember this is any kind of weight training) to help me develop my body and mind - come out of my shell, gain confidence and feel better in myself mentally and physically.

As my body began to change and get stronger, I began to feel better about myself as a person.

So if I was to offer my best advise to anyone who wants to develop themselves personally, and maximise chances for success to become your own BEST SELF....

It would be to practice bodybuilding ??

The combination of developing a STRONG BODY and STRONG MIND will give you the best of both worlds to give you the tools you need to achieve everything you want in life.


Today is leg day! And guess what... I'm gonna go get it ??