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I believe everyone has the ability to achieve anything they want in life.

But first, the belief has to come from within ??

Once you commit and believe in yourself, every day you will get 1% closer.

The little 1% add up over time, because remember, great things usually don't happen overnight.

These great things take time.

The most important tool I have taught myself, is to keep pushing farward towards what I want to achieve.

Regardless what life throws at me. ??

I wasn't born with this mindset to keep pushing....

I created it ?? Which means you can too.

I WAS that person who always gave up on my goals! 

I wanted to lose weight;
Be a healthy mum;
Create a stronger and fitter version of ME, so that I can deal with anything the world throws my way;

....... BUT I ALWAYS gave up at the first hurdle. ??

Or I stopped when it felt difficult and uncomfortable.

I would to listen to the opinions of others, which then lead me to become side-tracked, losing focus on MY goal.

Maybe I would fail once, which led me to give up, without looking for other routes and options.


I refused to continue living my life like this.

I knew if I wanted to become better, I had to make a change.

I set myself my own persona"dard;

"Keep Pushing Farward!"

F**K the excuses.

You can do this too, I know you can.

Create the change, then don't stop till you get it! ??


alpha female