Show me, don't tell me ??♥?

Actions always speak louder than words, to many, it shows that possibilities can be made possible.
Competing has undeniably made me a better coach for both my competition and lifestyle clients. I litrally eat, sleep and breath it ??

There is something to be said about living the lifestyle you teach. To live in the principles I coach my clients, to learn what obstacles are faced - then ultimately how to overcome them. 

Bodybuilding has learnt me how to dig deeper than ever before, try new strategies on myself and develop higher levels of understanding mindset along with discipline. 

I can now apply these concepts to my clients to be a more effective coach. Going through all the same struggles and ups and downs makes coaching so much more relatable. 

Because - I've been there, I understand. But most importantly, I know you can overcome them just like me. 

Litrally @builtforathletes (And yeaaa, I've just realised - my braids match my brand ????♥?) 
Now let's get this week started.
Over and out!

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