Ladies ..don't be afraid of lifting weights! 

"I want to 'tone' up, but not look bulky or masculine"

So in order to shape your body, you must gain some lean muscle. Which means lifting weights, it doesn't need to be extreme, but these weights must challenge you. If your someone who does only cardio - you will NOT develop that fit-looking, shapely, bikini body with curves in all the right places ??
I know it can be a scary thought heading over to the weight room, I'm also scared everytime I try something new. But I take risks and follow my heart - don't be afraid of challenges, they only make you better. 
It's time to put that fear to one side. Lifting weights is the tool your missing to help you achieve your fitness goal! You will also live in a healthier, stronger body. 


Some benefits to adding in resistance training: 

- More calorie expenditure - As you increase strength and lean muscle, your body uses calories more effectively. You'll also increase your calorie burn for up 72 hours after weight training. 
- Curves - As you begin to build muscle, your body begins to take a nice hourglass shape. 
- Quality Sleep - Strength training greatly improves your sleep quality.
- Increased Energy - After weight training you will experience an increase of energy expenditure for hours after you train.
- Increase Heart Health 
- Increase Bone Health - combat loss of bone mass. 
- Increase Confidence & Self Belief- As you begin to get stronger and see your body changing, each day that passes you will grow your self-belief in yourself. From that , confidence follows....

Trust me, women that strength train are doing it for themselves,  not for you.

Let's go!