"When is the best time to workout?"

This is something I get asked quite allot...

In order to train at your best, this should be determined by your own life and commitments. 

Depending on your goals, it's important to schedule in your workouts, so that each week you make sure each training session is achieved. A few things that must be taken into consideration are; working hours, family, sleep and commitments. Then work your training around that.
Ideally it's important to pick a workout time where you feel most motivated and comfortable, are you a morning, afternoon or night time person? 

My favourite time to train is mid morning, after 1-2 meals. I find working out at the same time each training day, makes it easier for my body to adapt. Then going to the gym becomes part of my natural routine and keep motivation higher. 

True, if you look into our natural circaden rhythm,  there are more potential during different times of the day for building muscle, tolerating higher pain thresholds and potenial for stronger performance. But always remember the basics -  Nutrition,  sleep and training style are going to be more important than what time of the day you train. 

Just make sure you turn up ??

Actions. You control. 

Positive habits. You control. 

Abandon the ones that don't serve you.


Set your objective. Excecute.