You Are The Storm!!

Training complete ??

Moving right through this week from the ground up. Breaking through all and any roadblocks that try and get in the way!

Training,  like anything in life gets better & more effective with practice.  That's not to say it should get easier.....

You must continuously be challenging yourself,  improving techniques and developing your mindset & mentality.

Just because things get tough, doesn't mean you give in. It's at this point you really begin to develop pure grit and determination. So don't stop already!!

You must learn to develop yourself, from the inside out...

Self-love, positive self talk and beginning to not give care what other people's opinions are, love yourself or your own individuality. You must start by believing in yourself.

This mindset shift - is when you focus on the good. Then, the good gets better - and when your hungry for the best version of you, you'll fight to the end.

Now go hit your next training session with intention and push that little bit harder ??


Todays Leg training
??GIVE IT A GO! ??

1. Adductor/Abductor -superset-
2. Lying Leg Curl
3. Leg Press
4. Leg Extension
5. Pendulum
6. RDL
7. Calf Raise

15min Stairmaster HIIT

(2sets, 8-10, 12-14)

Tyler ??