Welcome to your life... We all have a story were telling...

We are defined by the journey we have been on. The lessons, struggles and experiences bridge the gap between who we once were - to who we are now. 

I have many chapters, ones that are hard to turn the page....and many I wish I could simply rip out the whole chapter. All of them made me who I am now. Driven. Resilient. Persevering through it all. So with that, I wouldn't change anything.

But it all begins with that first step, a promise to yourself, Day 1. Make today the day you commit to making better food choices, you go to the gym even when you don't feel like it and you continue on your journey even when things get tough.

Make today your day one, you have to start somewhere. Get stronger, get fitter, battle with the resistance in training to strengthen your resistance in life.

Because...why the hell not.

Over and out, Tyler ??