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Check out my home fitness routines and nutrition advice to stay healthy.

Check out my home fitness routines and nutrition advice to stay healthy.

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Hi, my name is Tyler and I’m a UK figure athlete with a real passion for health and fitness. What motivates me most is helping other people achieve their fitness goals, improving both their physical and mental wellbeing. I am a figure competitor who competes in regional competitions alongside some of the best physiques in the UK. I eat, sleep and breathe health and fitness and it is a huge part of my life. I am continuously developing my knowledge and use this to improve the lives of others who would like to improve themselves. I haven't always been a competitive athlete in bodybuilding. It was only in 2016 that I developed my interest in health and fitness. It was around this time, I was nearly 16 stone and discovered that I was classified as severely obese after undergoing a diabetes test. I knew then I had to completely change my lifestyle At the very beginning, it was back to basics. Nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management. I grew so much from this experience that I decided to become a fully qualified personal trainer, body transformation and physique coach in Cumbria, so that I could help other people achieve 'what seems' impossible. This makes my coaching different in that I completely understand the difficulties you may be going through on your fitness journey. It will be hard at times, but I’ve experienced your struggles and I’ll help you overcome them.

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