Lockdown Home Workout

Leg Day with Glute focus

I have put together a home-workout for you, only very little equipment needed. I would recommend this for Intermediate fitness levels who’s wanting to build up strength, shape and definition in their glutes. The quads and hamstrings will also be working in the routine, so it’s a great overall lower body workout.

Put the effort in, adjust the weight so the reps aren’t too easy, or too difficult that you cant hit the rep ranges.

  • DB- Dumbbell
  • KB- Kettlebell
  • BB- Barbell
  • Band-  Yes we know exactly what they are, thanks lockdown.

(The lists are working sets only, please make sure you warm up correctly before beginning)


Exercise 1 –BB Back Squat (control the weight, push through the heels, use full range of movement)

Set 1- 14-16 reps

Set 2- 10-12 reps

Set 3-  rest pause set- 12-14 reps (10sec rest) - take to failure


Exercise 2- DB/KB Goblet Squat

Set 1- 16-18 reps

Set 2- 16-18 reps

Set 3- 16-18 reps


Exercise 3- BB Sumo Squat (use a slow tempo when lowering into the squat, then push up, squeezing the glutes at the top)

Set 1- 12-14 reps

Set 2- 10-12 reps

Set 3- (dropset)  10-12 reps -  (lower weight) -10-12 reps


Exercise 4- Lying Leg Curl (lie on floor use DB between feet, use slow controlled reps)

Set 1- 14-16 reps

Set 2- 14-16 reps

Set 3- 14-16 reps



Exercise 5- DB/BB Romanian Deadlift (Pull through hamstring and glutes)

 Set 1- 10-12 reps

Set 2- 10-12 reps

Set 3- 10-12 reps  


Exercise 6- Weighted Hip Thrust (BB/DB/KB)

Set 1- 12-14 reps

Set 2- 12-14 reps

Set 3- 18-20 reps


Exercise 7- Walking Lunges (use DB to add weight if needed)

Set 1- 15 reps each leg

Set 2- 15 reps each leg

Set 3- 15 reps each leg


Add 10-15 min cardio after weight training (e.g- skipping, jog, HIIT..)
Followed by 5-10mins cooldown and stretching.