How to Choose the Best Personal Trainer For your Goals?

How to get maximum Fat Loss in the shortest time

How to gain muscle quickly

How to get fitter and stronger

How to increase peak performance and reduce tiredness.


All of these are questions I hear so frequently. And while there are obvious methods (which allot of you reading this might have tried- and I would not recommend) such as extreme fad diets, juicing, dropping calories so low that lean tissue starts to break down, “diet pills”, training so hard you burn out within a week… the list goes on. I even once heard someone talk about a cookie diet?! .... Come on, surely we want to be healthy too right!

The first step, making a goal. Then you need a plan that will help you achieve that goal. With everything in life, you need someone specialist in that particular area to help you achieve your goal. For example, if you want to be good at football, you join a football club with a ‘coach’. If you want to be good at hairdressing, you join a course with a ‘tutor’ to teach you.

This is the same aspect in fitness, you need to find someone who is an expert in that specific area, to help achieve your goal safely but also efficiently, so you’re not wasting time trying methods that possibly wont work for you. Every day is an opportunity to improve and get you one step closer to your goal. So how do you decide on finding the right coach for you?




I would firstly make a list of what it is that you want to achieve. Maybe it could be to drop a dress size, compete in a specific sporting event, run a marathon or build more muscle. Now you have your goal, you need to find an expert in that area. Setting a clear goal will also keep you stay motivated to push through with your fitness training. It helps you see how much time you want to engage in the activity and the budget you want to spend.


There are benefits to both online coaching and 1-2-1 personal training in a gym. Most personal trainers now offer both options, so you aren’t restricted to just local areas now. As online coaching is worldwide, you have the world at your fingertips.

Do you want a “personal trainer near me”, where it would only take you 10-15 minutes to meet in the gym? Or do you want to work out from the comfort of your home and let the personal trainer to you?

You can also apply for an online session, or have a tailored monthly coaching package, It’s less of a hassle for those who work in different places and suitable for those who have flexible time.



Do you want to have a personal trainer that shouts at you to boost your motivation while doing a lift? You may prefer a trainer that keeps tabs on every meal to make sure you stick to your diet. It’s better to have a list of potential trainers because it gives you the big picture of your training.

If you don’t know where to start, you can also ask your friends if they know someone. You can search on the internet as many people offer services in specific areas of health and fitness. It could even come down to if you would prefer a male or female to train you? These are all decisions you need to make.



Its important that you are putting both your money and trust into someone that is professionally qualified. Find a personal trainer with much experience and proof of their services. It helps you decide if you’re with the right coach and match with their area of expertise.



You need to speak to the personal trainer/coach, maybe a phone call or zoom call, so you can see if the two of you connect and understand each other. Choose a personal trainer that helps you strengthen for improvement, that looks out for any injuries and helps you to improve.

Pick a trainer with moral determination for achieving your goals. Don’t settle for quick praise and then leave you for the rest of the session. The personal trainer should have a high regard for absolute work.



Now you know how to find a personal trainer that’s going to fit all your needs! Whoo!!

Setting your goals and finding your potential personal trainer is going to get you one step closer to success.

I hope this guide helps you decide to find your perfect match in fitness training.

Remember, taking the first step can sometimes be the hardest.
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