The nutrition around your workouts is probably the most important, as your body needs to refuel and grow. But eating the right nutrition is particularly important because the body deals with nutrients differently depending on activity.

If you consume certain nutrients after your workouts, you will improve your body composition, energy and overall recovery.

A few benefits to a good post workout nutrition plan include:

Improved Recovery

Less Muscle Soreness

Increased Ability To Build Muscle

Improved Ability To Aid In Fat Loss

Improved Bone Mass

Improves Immune System


So, you can see how important post workout nutrition is right! What to eat….

The two main food sources would be protein, this is to aid protein synthesis (adding lean muscle) You want to be aiming to get at least 25g> depending on bodyweight and goal. Also, carbohydrates, to help replace muscle glycogen. Finally, REHYDRATE with water.


I understand that eating a whole meal isn’t always practical, or you may not feel very hungry immediately after training. Try drinking a protein shake, one of my favourites is salted caramel Complete Strength iso whey, it a high protein content but mainly it tastes awesome. Whey is fast-digesting, which means it will head straight to your muscle fibres.

Also consume some fast-digesting carbs, a couple of my favourites is good dish of cereal (coco-pops or cinnamon squares) I also like the convenience of cereal bars too. You could use something like fruit or bagels too depending on what works best for you. After your training session, you can create another insulin spike with fast-digesting, simple carbohydrates, which will feed straight into your depleted muscles and begin the refueling process. 

The Anabolic Window

The anabolic window is a supposed to be the period of time after a workout where the body is able to absorb a ton of nutrients and shift from catabolism (losing muscle) to anabolism (gaining muscle). 

In the scientific community, the anabolic window is termed the “nutrient timing theory”. The nutrient timing theory suggests “ingesting the proper nutrients less than 1 hour after the completion of an exercise bout promotes an additive anabolic response that maximizes hypertrophic adaptations” (Schoenfeld & Aragon, 2018b).


On the surface level, there seems to be some scientific support for the post-exercise anabolic window theory.

I personally, like to eat around 30 minutes after my training session. I spend 10-14 mins stretching, I then let my corsitol levels lower before getting my post workout food. I also find this is stepping on the side of cation within the anabolic window mentally feels better for me. This has been working so far, it maximizes my recovery, I always feel depleted after weight training and when I listen to my body it feels that is the right time to consume my food. 


Small changes done regularly all add up.

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