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Online Zoom PT 1-2-1 With Coach Tyler

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Get Fit with Tyler in the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world. You can expect a 1-2-1 tailored personla training session online over zoom.

-Be Pushed Harder

-Maximise Your Results

-Let Me Motivate You! 

-Learn The Right Training Techniques


(30 minutes) 


Online Training

You can benefit from Physique Locker online training if you don't have time to go to the gym or you're based outside of Cumbria. I’ll help you reach your goals by providing a tailored nutrition plan, workout plan and tutorials. I will provide ongoing support and assistance whenever you need it to keep you on track.

Tailored Training & Cardio Plans

My training and cardio plans are specific to the needs and goals of every client. I will consider your goals, timescales and current level of fitness to create a tailored training plan that will get you there. My tailored plans focus on you and will help you improve in the way you want to.

You will have a fully formed, long-term periodised training programme that is designed to slot into your lifestyle and training experience. Your plan will fit resistance training, cardio and conditioning into your schedule. My programmes are dynamic, exciting and challenging enough to keep you engaged and enjoying the process.

Tailored Diet & Nutrition Plans

Body transformations would be impossible without considering diet. Everyone has different nutritional requirements depending on their height, weight, metabolism, age and more. In order to help you transform your body I'll craft a tailored diet and nutrition plan based on your physique goals and lifestyle which will cover macronutrients, quantity, sources, meal frequency, meal timing, pre/post training nutrition and more. 

I’m not here to put you on a hardcore fish and rice meal plan for 6 meals a day “bro”. I want you to enjoy your meals, so I’ll accommodate for tasty treats, alcoholic drinks, meals out and even ice cream. Long term changes to diet and nutrition need to be enjoyable, therefore your food and meal plan will need to reflect that.

24/7 WhatsApp Support

A mindset change is half the battle, and doing that alone can be hard. I’ll help you make positive, sustainable changes through ongoing accountability and regular motivation. Whether you need help, have questions or simply feel disheartened I will provide immediate assistance or motivation through the phone, whenever you need it. I won't let you feel lost or alone on your journey to transform your body.

Weekly Check-Ins

Check-ins will enable me to examine your progress and keep you on track. I will examine your form, diet and weight as well as glean insight from you on your energy levels, sleeping patterns and the development of any issues.

Full Tutorial/Video

Good form is essential when exercising and my tutorials will show you exactly what you need to do and how. I’ll explain which muscles are being worked so you have a full understanding of what each exercise does and why you're doing it.

Monthly Video Call

Monthly video calls allow you to vocalise any struggles you may have either emotionally or physically, as well as to discuss your progress so far. We will compare past and present photos, discuss what's been achieved and how near you are to your goals.


2 Monthly Video Calls *Premium Only

The Premium Fitness Package doubles down on the monthly video call for a more closely monitored body transformation journey.

Supplement Information and Advice *Premium Only

After good overall nutrition, supplements are a safe, additional way to help you support increased muscle mass, fat burning and mental focus. Your goals will dictate the supplemental recommendations. Supplements only play a supportive role in reaching fitness goals and are entirely optional.

Goal Assessments *Premium Only

Goal assessments are completed during initial consultations. They offer a chance for us to examine your goals whether that is losing 20 kilograms, simply increasing your strength or becoming a competitive bodybuilder. I will identify realistic timescales and indicate the workload you will need to shoulder in order to reach your goal.



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